Saturday, December 29, 2012


Wow, December has gone by in a blur. Instead of boring you with the details, this post will be mostly pictures.

It was actually November, but all of E's friends came over to take pictures for Christmas cards.

We went to E's first rugby game!

E is so excited about being 3 months old that she can almost fly!

We had a movie night with some friends at my work and watched The Grinch.

Went to see the Christmas lights at Winterhaven (but forgot the camera) and then went to a roller derby party.

We went to A's parents' house for Christmas!

E learned how to open presents-

She fell asleep on her Poppy's lap at Christmas Eve dinner.  I offered to take her so he could eat, but he didn't want to give her up.

I frantically knitted her stocking while she napped in the moby. The second picture is her with the stocking, pre-felting.

Poppy showed her the Christmas tree and tried to get her to sleep, but she just wanted to wait up for Santa!

She was such a good girl that Santa filled TWO stockings for her!

She enjoyed sitting in the pile of paper!

Poppy wants to make sure she develops a love of classic cars early.  

We came back home on Thursday to go to a friend's wedding.  We forgot our camera, but took pictures of E afterwards in her cute dress!

Now that you've been bombarded with cuteness, have a great weekend!  And a Happy New Year!