Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcome Home Little Brother

It's been a whirlwind of a few days.

On Wednesday we became a family of 4. A did AMAZING. We will both write birth stories in the next few days.

Yesterday was a wonderful blur of baby cuddles and sleep deprivation. The Birth Center only keeps you for 4-12 hours after birth, so they send a nurse to you home for a 24 check up. They do the heel stick for genetic testing, the hearing test, check blood flow, and since he was coombs positive they got blood to check bilirubin levels to keep an eye on jaundice. Eventually they called to let us know the levels were slightly elevated and he would need to be checked the next day. We already had a pediatrician appointment, so we just planned on having them do it. Other than that (and some toddle meltdowns) it was a lovely, lazy day.

Today, however, has been more stressful. A's parents came down from Gilbert. We asked if they would hang out with E while we took C to the pediatrician. 2 of the 3 doctors at the office were out of town, so we saw the nurse practicioner. It took forever to be seen. Unfortunately they couldn't find yesterday's results. Once we finally got them sent again, they sort of freaked out about it, so we were sent to the hospital to get to get the second level because it would be faster than a regular lab. We stopped at the new house on the way and did a final walkthrough. It took about an hour to get admitted to the hospital to get the heel prick, then we headed home. About an hour after we got home they called with the results and his levels were high and they wanted him to be admitted to the hospital for phototherapy.

On top of that, E has been sick all week with a cold and fighting an ear infection, so she couldn't go to preschool.  Last night it became obvious she wasn't going to kick the infection without meds, so while we waited for the hospital to call and tell us a room was ready, I took her to the Walgreens clinic to get checked out. She does in fact have infections in both ears. Luckily A's parents could take her for the weekend.

So we're at the hospital for the next 24-72 hours. My parents are working on packing our house, A's are taking care of E. We're feeling a bit overwhelmed, but grateful for our family. I don't know what we would do without them.