Monday, July 15, 2013


As I rocked my daughter back to sleep after the 3rd failed attempt of transferring her to her crib, it struck me just how much she has grown. I was holding her like I used to when she was brand new- her head on my chest, her feet that were tucked up under her. She rarely sleeps this way anymore, only when she's completely exhausted.

10 days old
Ahh... sometimes I miss our little fluffy haired newborn. It is all flying by so quickly, I knew it would.  She has grown into such a fantastic little person! I love how funny she can be, but then quickly switch into her serious, studying mood.  Lately she's been very into copying us.  We've been reading more, so she pulls down books and looks through them.  She only wants to eat the food we're eating.  She's trying SO hard to copy words we're saying, the other day A got her to say paper! I love watching her learn and grow, I just wish time would slow down a little bit, so we can keep up with her.
10 months old