Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nothing in particular

I was informed that we needed to update so a happier blog was the first thing you see when you check to see if we have updated.

Everything is crazy and I wish we would both get huge bursts of energy and get stuff done. Here is my list-
-FOLD LAUNDRY. That is my goal for today
-Go through all of our clothes and downsize to what will fit in our dressers
-Clean out the nursery
-Take the old nursery furniture to Babies R Us for their trade in sale
-Get all of the dials on the stove to work and replace the bracket that holds on the drawer on the bottom
-Yard work (by far the largest and most intimidating project)

On a more fun note, we do have baby craft projects that we have started or want to start-
-Onesies! We got a bunch of 2nd had onesies for A to embroider and she ordered some plain white ones to dye and embroider
-Baby blanket that I started knitting a year ago
-New nursery theme, we like the old one, but we would like a new beginning
-Leather bound baby book
-And the continuing project of writing in the journal we bought.

I am sure we will come up with many, many more.

Our next appointment is on Tuesday. Hopefully we will get to hear the heartbeat. We'll probably take our next belly picture around the same time!

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