Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Running Away

I wish I could say that I love pregnancy. I really do. However, the last few weeks have been really hard on both A and I. Work has been crazy, our house and yard have become disaster areas, I'm barely ever home and when I am the last thing I want to do is house work. A has been a champ, but she can't take it all on, as much as she would like to believe she can. Last week I was finally pushed to a breaking point and just wanted to get away. Luckily my boss saw it coming and gave me a 3-day weekend, one of the many benefits of being friends with your boss.

Sunday was already dedicated to our nephew's 2nd birthday, and A had to work on Monday, so we only had Saturday to get away. We also had promised to make a birthday cake, so that was going to take away part of Saturday. But all of the time we could scrape together on Saturday, we were going to spend on Mt. Lemmon.

Saturday morning was dedicated to baking the cake, and multiple trips to the grocery store. We finished and put it in the refrigerator a little later than planned, but I was determined. We packed up our picnic, checked the weather (48 degrees on top of the mountain), each grabbed a sweater, grabbed the camera, and jumped in the truck.

We were getting close to the top and I noticed something on the side of the road, "Uhhhh..... there is still snow". Immediately A said "Noooo.... there couldn't be..." We looked at the thermometer in the truck. 38 degrees. We went around another corner and saw the north face was still covered in snow, and the temp dropped another 5 degrees.

We decided we would just stay warm by hiking, so we put on all of the layers we brought with us (fewer than ideal) and headed out. We got a fair way in and then started taking pictures.

And then... The battery died. We had a very nice hike, just not with as many photos to show for it as we had planned. It ended up being a little more challenging than we had intended, especially with the ice, but we both survived with minimal damage (A slipped and bruised her knee).

We ate our dinner in the truck and then headed back down. We stopped at one of the pullouts to watch the sunset, which was beautiful. We drove back down the mountain and watched as all of the city lights came on.

Sunday is another story and maybe A will tell it. Blogger keeps telling me it can't save my changes so I don't want to upload more photo's just to have them get lost!

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