Friday, April 20, 2012

Bradley Class #1

We had our first Bradley Class this week. I'm not completely thrilled with our choice yet. Really, if the method weren't so highly recommended to us, there is no possible way I would have chosen to go to a class on "Husband Coached Birth". Nor would I buy a book about it. But alas, it seemed like the best choice. Hopefully we were right.

There were about 5 different classes in town and they were all starting around the same time (remember A's entry about emailing the instructors?). Evidently this isn't the norm, so our class only has us and one other couple... and they have already taken the class. It just feels a little awkward. I guess I should just count myself lucky because we basically get a private class for the cost of the group class. Our instructor is interesting. She is a chiropractor and the classes are at her practice. I like her, but it is obvious that some of her chiropractic views contradict with what she is supposed to teach.

For our first class we watched some old birth videos, talked about pain management and nutrition, and went over the exercises.

I keep putting off doing the food journal. It just annoys me. Really, right now I'm just trying to find *enough* food. Lately nothing sounds good and it makes it really hard to eat more spinach and kale. I think A is as annoyed with it as I am. Regardless last nights dinner had a large serving of spinach, as will this morning's smoothie.

I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed and cynical this week (anyone who talked to me yesterday can attest to my volatile state). Hopefully next week I will be able to focus and be more open to the class and what it is trying to teach us.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I am going to do some editing and then I will post some of the photos my lovely wife took last weekend since we are 20 weeks (half way there, woohoo!).

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