Sunday, August 12, 2012


37 weeks.  I can scarcely believe we're so close to meeting our Ever.  Though she isn't due for twenty more days, realistically she could arrive any time.  It's an interesting way we're living right now, full of wonder.  When will T go into labor?  Will Evie be early or late?  On time?  What's she going to look like?  What will her voice sound like?

I don't think there's anyone in my shoes who could put these questions out into the air without also wondering of the deeper fears in their hearts.  Of course, I'm no exception.  I'm not a father, so I wouldn't know, but I think maybe some fathers also share my concern that my daughter isn't going to like my company.

Or that I won't be able to soothe her, put her to sleep, bathe her, get up with her at night, etc.  Unfortunately, there will be no telling what Ever's going to like or dislike until she gets here, and all my sadness over imagined issues is not helping to pass the time!

Luckily, I have other things to occupy me.  Like drawing the design that T is going to tool onto the cover of Evie's baby book, creating pages for the baby book, finishing the belly cast we did a couple weeks ago, cleaning the house up after our major re-organize, searching for cloth diapering supplies on the internet, etc!  Overall, I feel like we're doing really well right now, beside my too-much-whining.  I finally feel that our house is nearing the finish line, if only I'd get up and finish instead of writing a blog!

I guess there isn't a huge amount of meaningful things I need to say to the blogosphere right now other than I am just so looking forward to Evie's birth.  I am floored that our daughter's due date is in only twenty days.  Every other milestone in this pregnancy has had a definite timeframe, but of course labor and birth doesn't!  It seems oddly appropriate that waiting for her birth is a question mark, just like waiting for her conception was.  It is clear to me that this little one has particular ideas about things already, so we are just waiting for her to decide to come to us.

Everyone is so excited to meet you, darling girl!

I'll round out this entry with some photos that T's mother took of T and myself yesterday morning, the first day of the 37th week.


  1. WOW! That IS close! How exciting XD

    I know what you mean re your worries that your little one may not 'like' you... As the non bio mum, I had moments of paralyzing fear over the same thing before Eli was born. Fortunately, once he got here, and we looked into each others eyes all that was over and it's been happy days ever since :) Once you meet your beautiful little girl and she looks into your eyes, you will breathe a sigh of relief because you will just know.

    Good luck ladies!

  2. I wouldn't worry too much--I'm sure she'll like you both more and less and on and off. Right now E doesn't even look at me because she's so busy staring at her other mom. I'm sure it's a phase...

  3. I haven't been in the blog world for a while, and have some catching up to do. Did you decide to name your little girl Ever? If so, how perfect and meaningful for your family! It's a beautiful name.