Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Childbirth Choices

Last night we attended a class given by the Tucson Birth Center about the choices pregnant couples have to make.  Mostly, it's information about the TBC's philosophy and policies, and how birthing at the Center differs from birthing at the hospital.

Basically, we're thrilled with the TBC.  The birth rooms there are just like bedrooms, with gorgeous hardwood floors, comfortable regular beds (not hospital-type beds) with quilts, individual private bathrooms (big ones!) with showers, and a huge birthing tub in every room.  They have a family waiting room with sofas and chairs, magazines, books, toys for children, and a TV.  There is also a small kitchenette with a fridge and microwave and table with chairs.

The TBC believes strongly that labor and birth are normal things in a woman's life, and she should never be treated as if something is wrong with her.  The midwives don't believe that medical interventions need a place in a normal labor that is progressing - even if it's slower than "normal".

Should anything go south during the birth, the midwives have privileges at the hospital so if you transfer to the hospital, the midwife goes with and she continues your care.  Unless you need a Cesarean, then obviously an OB would need to perform that.

At our prenatal appointments, the midwives are incredibly thorough and supportive.  I can't even count how many times they have asked if we had any questions.

The midwives also believe that babies should be with their parents, not in a plastic bassinet in the nursery.  TBC does not have a nursery.  They don't have any plastic bassinets.  The nurse giving the class last night said that they only give babies baths if the parents request it, and usually at some point they remember to weigh and measure the baby, ha.  You know, amongst all the baby snuggling, breastfeeding, and cooing over how adorable the new baby is.

I am so excited to watch T's belly continue to grow.  I am so excited to feel the baby moving and kicking.  I am so excited to be Mama, instead of feeling like a mom but being referred to by my name.  I am so excited to see T become Mom.  I am so excited to watch our families grow and change with this new little addition.  I am so excited to watch our friends develop a relationship with our child.

I do wish I could go back in time and find myself when I was struggling, when life was hard and uncertain.  I would lean in and give myself a big hug and say, "Just wait.  Things are going to get so good."

I'm incredibly thankful for my life!

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